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1. Advantages

At WindowSight, everything revolves around empowering the artist. We want art to be the center of attention. In order to offer the best content, WindowSight must be a true asset to the artists’ careers:

1. Get your online gallery ready and earn money effortlessly by offering your content in high quality. Manage your work as you wish.

2. Boost you exposure by getting discovered by an art-loving community and gain relevance through likes and playlists.

3. Grow a following. Engage followers with insights about yourself and your work.

4. Stay up to date with the community: see what fellow artists are working on. Broaden your horizons and experience a more accessible work dynamic.

5. Contribute to an ethic and fair art market. Be part of the impact of a revolutionary generation: from how we create art, to how we consume it.

6. Get your content displayed on public premises through users with Business plans. Plus, you get a higher revenue!

2. Functionality

WindowSight is a platform committed to art.

How do I register?

The WindowSight website is under construction. You can register by contacting us with your name and professional data. We will require links to your social media or website in order to verify ownership. We will get back to you!

Can anyone become an artist at WindowSight?

In order to join WindowSight as an artist, our team will validate you are active as an artist and have a demonstrable professional career through the content you provide which will be assessed according to the admission criteria.

How do I upload my content?

Artists upload their content through the website. The content is then supervised by the quality team. Once it’s validated, it gets automatically published.

What kind of content can I upload?

All high quality art is welcome at WindowSight. However, any content susceptible of being abusive or disrespectful will be supervised by WindowSight’s quality team, which will take the pertinent steps. Content may be removed if deemed necessary.

How do I make my content relevant on the platform?

WindowSight aims to be a social tool. Artists can join playlists, create specific collections, tag their content so it gets discovered easily or gain notoriety through blog posts.

Can I delete my account and all my content whenever I wish?

Yes. Artists can manage their content as they please through the website. In order to ensure proper performance of the platform, we recommend you don’t delete your content without previous notice, as this would interfere with the user’s experience.

3. User experience

How do users experience WindowSight?

Users explore through collections, playlists, artists, tags... They can follow artists, create alerts and then manage their favorite content through likes and playlists. Then, they can display the content on their televisions to get the full experience.

What kinds of subscription are there?

The user selects one out of four monthly subscription plans (Free, Standard, Premium or Business). Each one of these plans give access to 100% of the content of the platform. The difference lies in the quality (HQ or UHQ) and the functionalities. The free plan includes advertisements.

4. Revenue

If a user watches your content, it’s only fair that you get paid for it.

How do I get paid?

Artists will get a monthly payment according to the number of views their content has gotten. Payments can be carried out by different means, such as bank transfer or Paypal. The minimum transfer is 100$, in case your account doesn’t reach 100$ a certain month, your earnings add up to the next month.

Where does the money come from?

The users’ subscription fees and advertisers. 

50% of what?

(*60% for the content you upload before the Beta launch! )
We understand that if users spend time on your content, you should earn the corresponding part of their subscription. Therefore, each of your contents are tied to a revenue percentage, usually 50%. The percentage applies to the amount you receive from the users’ subscription fees. 

How do we split the money?

You get paid for the amount of time a user spends on your content. 

5. Agreement

What is it?

The Agreement is a set of clauses which determines the understanding between the platform and the artist. These clauses will be subject to the Spanish legislation and are aimed at the protection of data.

Who will hold my content’s rights?

You. WindowSight will only have use of the rights for distribution: reproduce, publish, disclose or display the content through the platform. We will not sublicense your content nor cede any right to third parties. Users with a business plan will also be granted the right of communication to the public in order to display your work in public places.  

Does WindowSight ask for exclusivity?

 You can continue to exhibit, sell and publish your work as you please. We only ask you do not share your work on other art streaming platforms. 

How long does the Agreement last?

The contract is extended yearly. As much as we would like you to keep working with us, in case something comes up and you need to terminate the agreement, you can do so by contacting the WindowSight team. 

6. Safety

Will my content be safe?

WindowSight is committed to battle piracy. Your content will be displayed through streaming and protected from download, only available to members of WindowSight. Non-members will only have access to a preview your content with watermarks. 

7. Timeline

The first launch takes place in September 2019.
Until 2020, three phases will take place:

1. The Development Phase

During the development phase, artists can upload their content for 60% of revenue.
During the last month of the development phase (August), the artists get a sneak peek of the platform and can share it with their personal circles. 

2. The Beta Phase

In September, the Beta version is launched.
During the Beta version, both the artists and users get the full experience. Users who subscribe for a payment plan enjoy a 50% discount during this phase. 

3. Phase 1.0.

The platform will launch at its normal pricing at the end of 2019. This means that your revenue comes from the user’s full subscription fee, since its no longer tied to promotions.

The contract is extended yearly. As much as we would like you to keep working with us, in case something comes up and you need to terminate the agreement, you can do so by contacting the WindowSight team. 

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